Not called Bitcoin Classic, in the future Bitcoin Classic is simply BXC.


BXC not just a currency, it’s also a platform that allows other blockchain applications to be built on it.

BXC Smart Contract is an agreement between the BXC network and the contract owner is run on the blockchain and stored on public database and cannot be changed.

Transactions that occur in smart contracts are processed by blockchain without a third party.

Not affected by third parties. The transactions only happen when the conditions in the agreement are met.






In the world, there are currently 1,735,911,773 active websites. Every day, about 136,100 websites get data stolen. WBC helps overcome and solve this problem. Build on WBC.

Not called Bitcoin Classic, in the future Bitcoin Classic is simply BXC. BXC-[Blockchain_Extensive_Correspond] reduces packet size and changes ledger structure for unlimited expansion. 

With blocktime 0.23s BXC is capable of delivering more than 1 million transactions per second [TPS], fully decentralized and on-chain.

BXC allows to build Website based on SmartContract with over 4.4 million queries per second.

What problem does WBC solve?

Recommended protocol adjustments and improvements must be decided by consensus.

All activities are marked on the blockchain and unbreakable.

Minimize the risk of hacker attacks, the parts of the website are encrypted by blockchain.

Not just a basic website, it is also a payment gateway with the corresponding Token. Validating with payment gateways on the network.


Dapp is also known as decentralized application.

Store where everyone can discover, use, and enjoy dapps with ease!

Open source applications are built on the BXC blockchain, decentralized storage on the network decided by consensus. Dapp will makes a call to the network hosted on decentralized storage.

BXC is a universal blockchain so it supports most of the applications that utilize the characteristic of blockchain even if it is not related to digital assets.


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